Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tonight is the night that I die.


  1. please don't
    Lena don't
    just before you do remember that it always gets better. somehow, it does. I know that you've got depression so because of that, I am really aware that there's that point where words don't mean anything. but please don't do this.
    at least you have one person that doesn't want you to die. and I don't want you to die. a lot of us don't want you to die.
    please don't do this please

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Honey....please don't. So many people love you. It will get better, I know that everyone has told you that, but one day soon it will get there and I promise you that. Always remember that you can vent at me whenever you'd like - my blog is Please don't do this. Please let us know if everything is okay.
    Lots and lots of love,
    Emily xxxx

  3. I can only say one thing hunn. DONT DO IT.

    As much as we would all like to help you, we know there is no way we can physically stop you. Remember that we are all here for emotional support and if it isn't enough at the moment, please, I beg of you, find a crissis center and go ASAP.

    You are such a beautiful, carring woman and you have too much to offer the world still for your life to end.

    Please go to someone, I know its hard to bust through the feeling of doom but one phone call will do!

    Stay safe love, I am praying to read another post in the next few days letting us all know that you are safe and have found support!

    Lots of love and positive energy,

  4. Don't do this sweetie. You can get through this, we're all here for you. Words may not do anything now but I'm praying for you. PLEASE talk to someone, or call a helpline, but just fight that feeling and overcome it. You don't need to die.
    Stay strong<3 xxx

  5. Sending massive amounts of love your way...I hope you change your mind, I hope you think things through, or sleep off this feeling. Reach out, grab somebody, tell them you are not okay.
    Tell someone you need help.

    So many things can change from the time you're 20 to the time you're 30, or many things can and will happen, things you will not have wanted to miss. Give yourself more time to find the happiness and light you're looking for. If you want to give up then, fine. But give yourself more time now.

    <3 Please reconsider. I will have you in my thoughts.

  6. Sweetie I really hope you didn't... I know sometimes it seems like the only option, but there is help.
    As the other girls have suggested, reach out and tell someone you need help. Whether they're a friend or a helpline, please consider talking to someone.
    You're in my thoughts sweetheart. Please try to stay safe <3