Thursday, January 03, 2013

Painting painting

Just got home after painting for over 10 hours. We finished the living room, which actually looks amazing, and we're almost done the kitchen. It takes so long, all of this. The building is 100 years old, so everything creaks and is crooked, but we managed to clean it up really nicely and the fresh paint makes it look so much better. It was pretty terrible when we first got it, parts of it seemingly having never ever been cleaned. But we've gone all out; it's our first time living alone, and we really want to make it our home. Plus we're both really anal and perfectionists about certain things, so we want it to be as flawless as possible. Especially since we're having the house warming party tomorrow. I mean, our couch and beds won't be moved in yet, but it will be clean and nicely painted, so it should look pretty good. It's crazy how much work we've put into it. I know that people that hadn't seen it before won't appreciate the difference, but we really can. I'm so nervous about having the party. I don't like parties very much, especially when I'm the hostess. 

In food news, it has been a bit difficult to track the calories today because we ordered Thai food for dinner. I know that I went over the limit for day 3 of HSGD, but according to my calorie counter I burned over 2000cal (almost 3000 in fact, but I don't know how exact this thing is, so I'll round down) painting and cleaning the apartment for 9 hours (we were actually there for over 12 hours and I only sat down for about one hour, but, again, I'd rather under-estimate). But, anyways, I was at 484 this morning, minus the 110 from the juice so 364. Then I had an orange (64cal but free on HSGD), two clementines (56cal, but free), an 80% lindt chocolate bar (180cal) and an alfajor that my boyfriend got me (244cal). So that brought me to 788cal. Then, for dinner, we ordered and I had rice (120cal), veggie red curry (285cal minus about half in vegetables, so 143cal), veggie peanut sauce spinach (the peanut sauce is 120cal, the veggies are free), 1.5 veggie spring rolls (120cal) and coconut tapioca (129cal). So my grand total was 2041cal (a whole lot, but, again, I did tons of work today like non-stop, so I'm not too concerned. I'm not bloated and my muscles are sore, so it's all good). On HSGD my total is 1420, so 520cal over the limit. But, on HSGD, as long as you work off the excess calories during the day, you're good. So, since apparently I burned nearly 6 times that (but let's say 4 just to be safe), I think it's ok. At least, that's how I'm rationalizing it to avoid a panic attack. Today is also the second day in a row that I haven't thrown up. I felt the need to after dinner a bit, but I stopped myself. So that's a small victory, I think.

Anyways, tomorrow will be a long and stressful day. I wish my boyfriend could be at the party, but he's still visiting his friends and family for the Holidays.

Hope you all had a good day (and aren't too discouraged/disgusted by my calorie intake and my rationalization of it).

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  1. Hey don't worry about the thai as long as your enjoyed it :) I had a binge and purge last night so I am feeling a bit of a failure. Need to get back to the diet. Feeling a bit strange after going to that group yesterday, its hit me emotionally and made me realise that I have a problem I think. Oh dear reality isn't always good :/ xx