Saturday, May 04, 2013


Ok, I have to admit something horribly embarrassing to you. A little over a year ago, I went through this pretty bad break up thing. To help boost my ego and get me out of my misery, my now-roommate-then-onlyreally-good-friend created a profile for me on a dating website. It was all good fun, flirting from the comfort of my room, and I met a few guys. I finally did the whole "dating thing", which I had never really done before. I know it's pretty pathetic, but this is where I met Dan. Which explains why we had absolutely nothing in common. But that's another story.

Anyways, now, when Dan and I broke up, my roommate decided that I should reopen my account, and that she would create her own. She's been pretty much having as much fun with it as I did last year, but I haven't. I've come to realize that I've become so cynical, so judgmental and so unimpressed by people, on top of having a hell of a lot less patience to deal with idiots, pervs and losers than I had last year. I know that it sounds me, but I'm calling it as I see it. Anyways, all this to say, that I've been less than impressed by the boys that I have spoken to, and it's just making me feel crummy.

Fast-forward to right now and to the reason why I'm posting. My roommate is on a date. Which is fine, I'm very much happy for her, but I thought that we were going to spend tonight hanging out together and stuff. I just feel really pathetic, because I basically only have her, and have absolutely no one to fall back on if she ditches me. And, at the same time, I feel selfish because, all those times that I went on dates or was with Dan, she was super supportive. If it makes any sense, that's kind of why I'm annoyed; she didn't even bother to tell me that she was going on a date. The times that I went out, she helped me get ready and figure out what to wear and all that. I know it's incredibly dumb, I just feel weird. I know, I know, I'm being stupid. Ok, Lena, get over it and move on.

In other news, ran again today, which was good, except that I keep getting that freaking pelvic pain every time I go. I think it's endometriosis, but I'm too embarrassed/absolutely hate getting touched to let my doc do a gyno exam. I know. Pathetic. 

To add to my list of things-that-make-me-pathetic, I'm ridiculously excited to be getting my scale soon, haha. I just want it to be here already! :p

Food-wise, things have been ok, though I've been throwing up a lot. It's a problem, because even about a cup of water makes me feel sick, so I'm forced to drink it very slowly, or else I find myself vomiting water, which isn't fun at all. I got this sample of a meal-replacement smoothie at work, only 123 calories with 50% of the daily recommended vitamins/minerals, 1.5g of omega 3, 25% of the daily recommended fibre, 15g of protein, etc, etc. If I like it, I may get a bunch at discounted prices at work and just live off that. That's like my dream, haha

Anyways, I hope that your Saturday night is much more fun than mine is turning out to be. I might just go do some reading for this new Unit. What a nerd, huh? :p

Good night ladies!


  1. I understand that annoyance. I mean, she's your best friend and sharing the get ready jitters is fun.
    I keep telling you woman, go out and let your hair down! Don't go to meet people per say, just go to dance and drink and have fun! There's something therapeutic about being free and young.

  2. The Girl in the Background7 May 2013 at 05:06

    I can't do meal replacement drinks. They're a bit too sweet for me.

    Sorry to hear about the "dating thing." I would be a bit annoyed too. People are so very unpredictable, which is silly to say because, after all, I am "one-of-them" too.