Sunday, May 05, 2013


It has come to my attention that yesterday's annoyance that I had with my roommate is actually an accumulation of a whole bunch of stuff and is turning into full-blown resentment. It's that time again, the one where I need to take a break from her or I'm gonna be really, really mean. So I told her to please not talk to me tonight, I just know that I'll blow up if she does. I'm exhausted, worked all of today, am constantly throwing up everything... I did manage to go for a run, which was good, because I've been sticking to it. Anyways, tomorrow is going to be a very long day, so I need to try to get some rest tonight. I didn't get any at all last night because I was waiting up for her, and then she kept getting up to pee, which would invariably wake me from my half-sleep. All this to say that I'm in a really sucky mood and I just want tomorrow to be over because it will be grueling. Nothing like starting a new unit with a 12-hour day. Way to ease myself into it -.-'

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  1. You should really try to get some rest! When you are working hard and have a tight schedule, there is no energy left to have patience with your roommate. Maybe you can relax a little and she will seem less annoying...

    Take good care!