Friday, May 03, 2013

Scale and resolve

I have finally ordered a scale for the apartment. I think that that was part of the reason that I was much more successful before I moved out than I have been since then; I could weigh myself every day and get the immediate feedback on whether I had lost or gained, making it more easy to keep myself in check. I want to be pretty for when I go to Singapore, in July, so that is less than 2 months away. Well, I don't think that I could ever be pretty-pretty, but I'd like to just feel a little bit better about myself... Anyways, it should be coming in next Wednesday and, then, it's on. I've got to get serious about this, tracking my intakes properly and weighing myself. It would be so great if I could drop about 15 pounds before leaving, especially since I know that I will be eating so much amazing food over there. I just want to look ok in a bikini :( I just have to focus and get back on track... Maybe I'll look back at what I was doing before the Holidays, to get an idea of what worked. This is a new Unit starting up, a new month, a new season. It's time and I deserve it.


  1. yay for starting anew! 2 months. 15 pounds. you can totally do this. i'm sending you strength :)

  2. I know what you mean about getting immediate feedback on the scales. It's a huge motivator to see daily losses/gains, though I find it too stressful at the moment.
    And you *are* pretty! I know it, don't lie :P
    Sending you a massive hug sweetie <3 xx