Wednesday, October 02, 2013


I should definitely be sleeping because I have to get up again in 7 hours and have tons of work to get done by 9:30am tomorrow. And I should definitely be posting about something more important/articulate/whatever because I have a lot on my mind and there is a lot to say and a lot has been going on. But instead I've been catching up on blogs and facebook and other intellectually stimulating things, and I happened to come across this, which I thought some of you might enjoy.

So, enjoy!

All my love,
Lena xx 

P.S. I seemed to have put on 3 pounds, but it might be just water-weight from being on my period, so I won't freak out just yet. 


  1. decided to post a comment whilst i'm still basking in the afterglow of reading your comment
    i don't know what's up with the system. the lab lady said that she might ask me to skip the portion and not be graded on it and i was like FUCK. NO. YOU ARE NOT TAKING MY MARKS AWAY FOR THAT. rather momentary humiliation than a horrid mark! <--also, i did make a post before on people in my life. :) i was just adding to it.
    omg the palpating scenario must be death. if that ever happens to me (i'm actually thinking that it might), i'd probably just stomach through that bit. the problem is the lecturers and lab people are somehow convinced that they have to do every single step. ludicrous. i'm just like "it doesn't matter what my actual weight is, right? all i have to be able to do is give a BMI calculation" and she looks at me like im from another planet.
    no more of that. just stomach through them i suppose. they're useless sometimes. that's bloody horrid though.
    and yes! less than 5 kilos. now if i can only lose them then i can get on with my life!
    comment on your post:
    go to beeeeeeed
    also let's see what this is all about. are you linkin gme to the oatmeal? (perf btw)
    i am the Blerch
    omg that is just life
    i love the Oatmeal honestly i do sdpoofkspgks

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. we have our periods around the same time then! i have the strangest perioding in all of periods. i lose weight most when im on my period (i know - strange). i rarely put on water weight. this makes no sense? i know i did bloat/put on loads of water weight before - with weight loss, they are just long, without much bloat and a lot of metabolism increase with a lack of appetite for me. possible correlation with PCOS/HS? unsure.

  2. oh my gosh that comic thing was the best thing ever:)
    I never seem to gain water weight from periods, instead I see it as an excuse to eat e v e r y t h i n g so I just gain actual weight. ah well.
    <3 xx

  3. Periods are freakin' evil devil things and they make me angry. I bloat like a bitch. You have my sympathy.

    Nina x