Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And the light keeps pouring down, but all I am is dark inside

Only a bit over an hour left at work. Thank God. My eyes must be red and bloodshot from staring at this screen all day. Been reading a lot of blogs, though, so that was nice. Read Katie Elizabeth's blog entirely and am almost done Little Miss Thin's. I love the different styles, the different stories behind each blog. I love getting to know a side of people through their posts. I think that you really see what's important to people this way, it's pretty interesting. Though I have to admit that reading all this is making me want to weigh myself so badly. I know that some serious damage was done over the past few days, so I need to know where I am restarting from and where I stand. I'm at about 700cal for the day right now. I had only brought fruit to work, but caved and bought a soup and a piece of cake (terrible, I know). My period is late though so I am pms-ing like crazy, it's making me want so much food, so badly. Plus I can feel my metabolism coming to a halt as I haven't been for a run in 2 weeks and a half, ever since exams and since the ground has had a sheet of ice on it. I can't wait to be moved out and settled at my apartment near school where I can run on the indoor track. And I can't wait until soccer restarts after the Holidays. At least, when I work as a cashier, I am standing for 6 hours straight, so hopefully I burn a few calories there. And when I have school, I walk a good 40 minutes per day. But when I do 12-hour shifts at my desk job, like today, I really do nothing at all. It's terrible. I am someone who loves to move and to exercise, but I just am not doing that right now. And it's killing me. Anyways, this will be a short post I guess. I will try not to eat anything else for today. I think it's very feasible as, when I get home later, I will be exhausted and will just want to crash. Then tomorrow is a new battle. One day at a time.


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    1. It really is.
      Looking forward to checking out your blog, I love reading them from the very beginning, so I'll comment on your most recent post when I'm done :)
      Take care! xx