Saturday, February 23, 2013

New day, new week

Yeah, my title says it all: I've decided to try to have a better attitude and outlook. It helps that I managed to sleep last night, once the stupid neighbours stopped blasting their music and once the partying outside died down (around 3:30am). So I got a good 6 hours in, which is nice for me. Got up, ate a little (I know, I know...), then cooked for over two and a half hours because I had some endives that were about to go bad and I got some free quasi-bad cherry tomatoes at work, so I made a cream of endive and potato (with soy milk, dunno how good it'll be) and a marinara sauce. The apartment smells yummy :) I also did a ton of dishes and tidied up a little because the bf is coming by any minute now. He's insisting on bringing me dumplings, sigh... I love dumplings, such a weakness. I told him I couldn't eat them because of the vegan thing, and he guaranteed that they are vegan, which I highly doubt. It's ok, it's ok. I can eat them and it'll be ok. I would like to maybe go for a run later, but there's a snow storm outside (so I just feel like staying cozy at home) and the gym closes at 8:30 on weekends, so we'll see. the bf also wants me to go to a party with him tonight. First of all, I hate going to a thing full of strangers. Second of all, I have TONS of work to do. And, third of all, I don't feel like getting all ready, leaving the house, going over there and being force-fed junk food and booze. I'm just not down. Sigh. But I haven't met these people and they're some of his friends and he wants me to meet them and blah blah blah. So, again, we'll see. I guess it'll depend on how much work I get done. Especially considering that he's coming over and I don't work well when he's here. And he'll want to "frolic" (if you allow me the term; general sexual language and stuff gives me a lot of anxiety), but I don't want to. I'm still pissed about Monday when he overstepped some major boundaries and I had to push him away. So yeah. None of that. 

Anyways, back to making lists and plans for me, wishing you all a great weekend!
Lena xx


  1. I love new weeks. Heck, I love new days. A fresh start and a positive outlook is the best way to start a new week :)
    Marinara sauce sounds yum! And I can't say I've ever had endive and potato soup, but especially with soy milk it certainly sounds interesting. Hope it's yummy!
    I hope you have a great weekend. Stand your ground with not "frolicking", and good luck with the party if you go. I can't stand big social events full of strangers either.

    1. Yeah, agreed. Tomorrow will have to be my Take 2 at a fresh start because today has been a bit of a disaster... We'll see.

      I know, I've never made a soup with endives either, we'll see if it's any good once I have some. I'll keep you posted :)

      Yeah, I decided not to go to the party. He's drunk-texting me as we speak, I'm pretty happy that I didn't go.

  2. I like new weeks when I'm not getting sick... I feel like it's coming on and you and I both know this is an ax to the face in academia... Holding on, trying to breath... sigh...
    What I like to do is share.
    "I'm not that hungry but it looks awesome and you were sweet bringing me some so share?"
    I like sharing. I like taking bites. Then you get a little and you're done.
    I hope you manage some rest deary. I woke up at 1 and I think I'm headed back for a nap... sigh... I'll do homework at work..
    If you aren't comfortable with what happened you should really talk to him about it. It can't just be the elephant in the room, and physical affection can't be a "weapon" in the relationship you know? Just try your best to put on a smile as he does care for you and you must be one hot mama anyway! :P
    Thinking of you love. I hope it goes great!

    1. Poor you getting sick :( That really sucks. I really know how a cold or flu can just kill your momentum and routine...

      That would've been great advice except that he showed up with about 40 dumplings for us to share :S So I managed to keep my count down to 9, chewing really slowly and talking a lot... He also brought dried mango, which was great, but all-in-all pretty stressful.

      Hope your nap helped a little and that you're feeling a bit better!

      Yeah, I did try talking to him, which turned into a bit of a mess... I swear that I don't use physical affection as a weapon, I just hate how I feel forced to do certain things and then just feel sucky...
      Hope you had a good day and are feeling better!