Thursday, February 21, 2013


So t'was another crappy day. Blah. I'm so tired. So down. Not into anything. Don't want to do anything. Just want to sleep. Just want to curl up. Fasted until I got home from work (9:30pm), so roughly 22h, but then my roommate forced me to have dinner. It's ok, it was super healthy and yummy (I had made it and frozen it): spaghetti squash with black beans in a tomato sauce and two clementines. With the 5 hours I was standing at work (I'm a cashier) and the walk there and back, my net for the day has been -910. So that's good. Maybe I'll do that every day, just have a small and healthy dinner but not eat anything else otherwise. Could be a good plan. God. I'm so tired. I got pretty much no work done today and the midterm for this Unit is already approaching fast. My roommate has convinced me to ditch all my weekend activities and commitments and just catch up on what I've missed this week, i.e. everything. Might be a good idea. I have a small group thing tomorrow that I'm not even preparing for, just printing off someone else's answers. Pathetic. I'm just pathetic. This is med school and I'm supposed to be giving it the best I've got and this is the best I can manage. Just sad. I just want to stay in bed forever looking at thinspo and reading blogs. Nothing else. Nothing else even matters. My not going back to my parents' this weekend means that I won't be able to weigh in. Uggh. I'm just a big fat bundle of blah. When will this be over?


  1. I'm right there with you woman. I worked on my lab report until 2:30 am, went to bed and got up for work, took maybe a three hour nap and then am working midnight to four. I'm so upset because I'm fat and I'm exhausted and the only thing I want to do is watch movies and read blogs and sleep. I feel like I have to do that too. I just go as long as I can without eating and it seems to work better than giving myself a cut off hour I have to obey. Can we just snuggle up and cry? haha

    1. God, that's all I want. I failed big time today. Of course, I didn't sleep all week, but the one day that I actually have to wake up for something, I sleep right through my alarm. I feel like such a failure.
      Dude, I don't know how you're surviving. You must be dead. TGIF? lol

    2. Noooo! I honestly considered skipping class because I feel fat and ugly and tired. All three of those reasons hold no water whatsoever. Let's agree this week is a fail for school and we'll try harder Monday?