Thursday, February 28, 2013

This day started off alright and then just went downhill from there. I managed to wake up, go to my mandatory small group on anemia, and not make a total ass out of myself even though I have not caught up on any of the anemia lectures I've missed. For real, I'm so lucky that I can just randomly offer up information that is magically right. I don't know how it's possible, but apparently it is.

Then my afternoon class got canceled which was great news because a) it meant that I could go for another run (less than 12 hours since my last) and b) I would have plenty of time to start and finish my internship applications for this summer. Great, right? Wrong. Got to the track which was invaded by toddlers and a class of handicapped children. Toddlers and handicapped children, I have no problem with; it's their freaking teachers walking anywhere on the track in any direction that I have to zigzag through that piss me off. Not only that, but there was a guy from my college that showed up at the track and just sat on the benches clapping and yelling at me not to quit every time I went around. I was going INSANE. So I called it quits after 4k and 200 crunches. Made good time with the 4k in 20 minutes flat. Then I was gonna head home to work, but the bf insisted on joining me for lunch. So we ended up eating (gah), watching TWO episodes of E.R. (gahh) and then frolicking (gahhh). And what really pissed me off is that I had to leave my apartment by 3 to get to the hospital for a mandatory palliative care visit (meaning that I, with a group of other students, was meeting someone with terminal cancer) and I TOLD the bf this, but he INSISTED and didn't let me leave until he had been "satisfied". Efff. So I got to the hospital late, humiliated and drenched because there's a huge snowstorm outside. Then, when I was meeting the patient, I BLACKED OUT. This has never ever happened to me before and, excuse the medical mumbo jumbo, but I think I had some kind of arrhythmia because I had a MAJOR vasovagal reaction (I was dying of heat, became drenched in sweat all of a sudden, couldn't stop yawning and blacked out). Now, don't think that this is because I was meeting a dying patient; I've met dying people before, it's not a problem. This was something purely physiological that was happening at the worst possible moment. I somehow managed not to fall over when I blacked out and then came out of it and was fine (except freezing because I was drenched), so it was ok in the end, but it seriously was not a good experience. Then my meeting with the other students ran late, so the guy that I TA for that UN thing told me not to bother showing up, so I came home. And, because my roommate prepared food for me, had to stuff my face. So there's goes the run.'Nough said.

Basically, I got nothing done today but am incredibly exhausted. My net intake is at 757 for today, but, to be honest, it's significantly less because I did a lot of walking that I couldn't time because I was with other people. I'd say that I'm definitely not over 700. Not great, but not terrible.

I think I'm going to go die now, preferably in a hole. Tomorrow is when I'll have to get some serious work done.
Goodnight girlies!
P.S. I was just re-reading yesterday's post, terribly sorry for all the typos, I wrote it on my phone. I hate typos. 
P.P.S. I was forced to socialize with way too many people today, which I think is why I'm so exhausted. I usually go to school, to the track, wherever, and don't talk to anyone, then only talk to the bf and my roommate. Today, I must have talked to at least 40 people. Way too many. I don't deal well with socializing. 


  1. I hope you're feeling better dear! That's scary! It's Thursday when you wake up though, so not too much socializing. Just take it in stride. You're a work out beast by the way!
    Hugs <3

  2. Haha, I'm so not a beast, I feel terribly lazy all the time and I wish that I was running longer and harder and faster and more often. But I guess that's how we are, huh, never satisfied?