Sunday, March 10, 2013


I have managed to get through 5 lectures today. Sucks because it's Day Light Saving Hour today, so I lost one whole hour of studying (we move the clock ahead by one hour in spring, so it jumped from being 2am to being 3am). I also got fed up with my fat self, so I'm going to try this work out program from home, to get some more strength training in. Sucks because I have a chin up bar in my room (randomly was installed across the door frame, I most certainly didn't set it up), but I can't even do a single chin up. My brother can do dozens and I used to be able to do a couple, but I suck now. Anyways. I did 100 crunches, 50 squats, 15 push ups (boy push ups, I don't do girlie ones; I used to be able to do dozens, but I suck now) and 61sec of plank. I also took some "before" pics to make myself ashamed and keep myself in check. I did end up throwing up before (had been a week since last time, oh well) and now I have terrible reflux. Guess I earned it. Anyways, my net for today is at 36cal, minus the few hundred (at least 200 for sure) calories that I threw up. The strength exercise that I did today was just to find my "category" in this program, but it sort of royally failed because I'm in the "prep group" for chin ups, group 1 for push ups, group 2 for squats and the plank, and just in no category for sit ups because apparently beginners aren't supposed to be able to do 100. Oh well. I can do hundreds of crunches, don't know what they're talking about. Whatever. I'm writing it here to make me a bit more accountable. I used to do a lot of strength work because I did karate for 3 years and I would hate having boys be better than me, so I would push myself so hard. Now, because I don't feel like I've got anything to prove, I've let myself go. Well, not anymore. I have something to prove to myself. Enough with this flab. If I'm going to ingest the calories, I might as well do something with them like tone up. Right? Right.

P.S. Please don't ask why I felt the need to exercise at nearly 3 (well, now magically 4) am. It just had to be done.I might actually go and do a bit more, just because.

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  1. I got sooo confused for a second, and had to check BBC for the time...!! We have daylight saving time too in the UK, British Summer Time, but the clocks don't spring forward until the 31st March. I didn't realise the USA and Cananda did that too, I don't know why we can't all do it on the same day!?

    Sounds like a really busy day, and that is an epic net intake! I had zero upper body strength, I used to have a lot more, but now... zero. And gone are the days when I could do the plank for ages at a time!!

    Hope tomorrow goes better for you xxx