Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Today has been so-so, but better than the last few days, so I'll take it. I went to bed early last night and managed to sleep (thank God), but when my alarm went off I just felt so sick that I didn't go to class. It's pretty bad because I am falling terribly behind and I already have so much to catch up on, but I just can't do it. I hate getting dressed, I hate leaving the house. I hate having people look at me or talk to me. I just hate it. I know that this is becoming problematic and that I should probably deal with it or something, but I just can't right now. I will have to go in tomorrow though because I have a bunch of mandatory activities, so I have to prepare tomorrow's small group and write an essay tonight. Won't be going for a run because my thigh aches so I can barely bend my leg, but it's ok because I don't mind the burn and I ended up cooking for over four hours and a half. I made vegan stuffed eggplant, cream of butternut squash (minus the cream), butternut and black bean stew and soy-glazed tofu, mushroom and asparagus. I seriously go through these insane cooking marathons, it's a bit crazy, haha, but I enjoy them and at least, while I'm concentrating on that, I'm not making myself miserable. I just really needed this day to rebuild my strengths a bit, though I know that I'm disappointing my roommate by not going to school. It's hard too because she's on spring break, so she's home which makes it easier for me to want to stay home too. Anyways. My net for today (with all the cooking) is at 566, which isn't great, but it's ok. Don't know if I'll be able to go for a run tomorrow as I have to work, but we'll see. Sorry that I don't have very much to contribute and am being pretty lame, haha... I have a lot of thoughts going through my head but nothing coherent enough to write down. Plus I'm attempting to be less pathetic, so, yeah... Anyways...

Hope you all had a good day!
Lena xx

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  1. I'm glad you managed to climb into bed at a decent time dear. I know that it's hard to catch up but I think what helps is to step back, take a minute for yourself, then plow ahead doing whatever you can. Admit your limits. We try but we aren't perfect.
    Oooo can you share the butternut/black bean stew recipe? :D
    Jealous... I was sleeping for my overnight shift tonight and started my period so I pretty much felt like laying around like a hippo lol
    Hopefully I can go tomorrow night and Thursday because I love that burn too!
    You are loved missy. Take some time, catch a breath. I know life is daunting.