Saturday, March 16, 2013


First off, sorry, I know that I post too much on weekends. Too much time I suppose, ha.

Anyways, just wanted to give a quick update on how my day has been. I ended up cooking for over nearly 3 hours and a half, burning a lovely 450-some odd calories, which is great. I also did 21-27-21-21-10 full sit-ups and 30 crunches, as well as this little workout:

Set 1: 5 chin-ups, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 30s plank
Set 2: 4 pull-ups, 20 lunges, 9 narrow push-ups, 5 v-sits
Set 3: 5 narrow chin-ups, 10 squats, 7 push-ups, 10 ins & outs

Obviously, because I suck, I can't actually do chin-ups and pull-ups, but what I did was like "hang" with tensed arms for the number x 10 seconds (so let's say for 50 seconds if it asked for 5 chin-ups or whatever). I did feel my arms working, so I think that it's a good compromise until my arms get strong again. The leg portions (squats and lunges) were obviously too easy because I have massive thigh muscles (flashback of my exam yesterday) form soccer and running and everything, but oh well. Not quite sure how many calories this burned, but I'm assuming at least 30, right? It's too bad because while I'm in NY it'll be pretty much impossible for me to do any running/workouts. My only consolation is that I will definitely be doing a ton of walking.

As for food, I had some of that pasta I made (140cal), a little under a tablespoon of peanut butter (80cal) and one of those thin raisin bagels (170cal). That puts me just under my SGD limit for today with 390cal. Thank God that I decided that fruits and veggies don't count because I think I might have died. No idea how you pretty girls manage, you have so much more control than I do. So I also had half a banana, some of that beet soup, some mango and some berries. I am currently trying to fight off the urge to binge, so I might just go and have more mango and berries and call it a night early to stop me from eating more. 

Tomorrow my limit is supposed to be 300, but that is so not happening with my Nonna cooking for me. I had said that tomorrow would be a freebie, so it's ok, right? Oh dear...

Have a lovely evening girlies!


  1. It's really difficult, especially if you can't stuff in your coffee, any liquids with calories, some people count gum! It's stressful. Sometimes I let myself have things in my tea or coffee but it depends on my mood I guess. I feel like a failure all the damn time because I'm 132... who knows after today? Sigh... it's a never ending cycle. Tomorrow, if you can, take small portions of everything, kinda sampling. (If you can)
    Great job today sweetie! <3

  2. hi :-) please don't feel you need to read my boring archives, i have been in the same situation since oct so my posts havent had much content to them really. i was just about to import my blogs so i had them in the same place so if you really want to read somw background i could tell you a few more eventful months which lead me to where i am now which would save you much time and boredom?! xx

  3. See I get kinda confused on the calorie counting and my end count for the day. Am I supposed to look at the overall net or look at the intake and not count the excercise? Can someone help me? I eat 600 and jog and bike ride every day.

    1. Hi there!
      Well, I mean, you can do whatever works for you. I don't particularly encourage calorie-counting in the first place; it's a bit of a compulsion in my case. Some people prefer to count net, while others count intake exclusively and exercise as a bonus. There is no right or wrong way.
      Hope that helps!